[CLOSED] 02OCT2021 / 1900Z & 03OCT2021 / 1200Z - NEW Plane Spotting OPEN CALL @LIPZ

Plane Spotting Video in Venice LIPZ | Expert Server

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Hello everyone! This week we are heading a bit to the south and as you voted in my Discord Server for this week, our featured airport is Marco Polo Venice airport LIPZ! I’ve been in Venice and this airport is one of my favourites! Simply write down here your desired ROUTE, CALLSIGN and AIRCRAFT to sign you up! Please choose realistic routes and aircrafts and if you aren’t part of my Discord server yet, you can click the link above to join and get the chance to vote where i should spot next! Can’t wait fo another fantastic weekend session with all of you! Cheers.


Airline Departure (ICAO) Arrival (ICAO) Aircraft Pilot
WizzAir W68181 Catania (LICC) Venice (LIPZ) A320 @That_Guy14
Austrian OS529 Vienna (LOWW) Venice (LIPZ) A321 @CMR
Delta DL238 NewYork (KJFK) Venice (LIPZ) B767 @Raoul_G
Ryanair FR7173 Naples (LIRN) Venice (LIPZ) B738 @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX
EasyJet U23795 Paris (LFPG) Venice (LIPZ) A320 @Captain_Dreamliner


Airline Departure (ICAO) Arrival (ICAO) Aircraft Pilot
British Airways BA579 Venice (LIPZ) London (EGLL) A321 @Gtmkm98
Vueling VY6401 Venice (LIPZ) Barcelona (LEBL) A320 @Gabriel_Duran
Turkish Airlines TK1868 Venice (LIPZ) Istanbul (LTFM) A321 @askrdl
Lufthansa LH325 Venice (LIPZ) Frankfurt (EDDF) A320 @MIGUEL_ORIGEL_SOBERO
KLM KL1652 Venice (LIPZ) Amsterdam (EHAM) B738 @30AR

These routes are just a suggestion! Follow the link and choose any other route you desire


October 2, 2021 7:00 PMOctober 2, 2021 8:00 PM
October 3, 2021 12:00 PMOctober 3, 2021 1:00 PM

ATC Controlers


I will take ATC GTS.


Can I have Delta DL238 NewYork (KJFK) Venice (LIPZ) please and thank you!

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Hey! Looking forward to this one! I will be flying EK135 with the B77W. First wave, please.

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I was sure you would pick this one! thats why its not in the suggestion list ;) thanks for joining @Raoul_G


Awsome! Which day of the two?

Hey @Kostas_K is it cool if i fly from Abu Dhabi first wave on Etihad Cargo B77F?

Hahaha, you know me too well! I forgot to mention, but my callsign will be Emirates 006VA, like you probably had figured already… I’ll see you on Saturday!

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Hello! if it is a real route, yes of course

Hey I’m back for another one and I’ll be flying from Doha to Venice (QR125) and then can i take (LH325) to Frankfurt

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Hope that for both :)

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Can I take this flight for Wave 1, but I want to arrive as TK1867 before departing back to Istanbul

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Hello! ok! you guys are now signed up! thank you @askrdl

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Fun Fact @Kostas_K i visited Europe in 2018 and one of the flights i did was on an Austrian airlines E195 from LOWW to LIPZ i made a youtube video of the flight here

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Wave 2 Please!

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In the first window could i do EK136 from LIPZ to OMDB in a 777-300ER please.

Oh unfortunately thats not a real route…

Can i fly the route?

Wave 1

Can you please sign me up for the KLM 737 Venice to Amsterdam? Thanks! I plan to attend the first session, but if not I can do the second session.

I’ll take this slot on the second day.

Hello 👋 @Kostas_K just wanted to ask you if,Historic Routes are also okay?