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Hey IFC,
I’m stumbling about this scenario very often and I’m quite uncertain of how to react: since most of the pilots use STARs for their approach to busy hubs on expert server, other planes get pretty close to me while on the same STAR. If one of these planes is faster then me they inbound close until the distance gets orange, sometimes red. If I’m in front of the other plane, who has to take care of keeping the distance?
What is your experience on expert server and how do you engage such situations?
Normally I try to contact ATC requesting an altitude change and hope the other pilot sticks to his own VNAV.
If I’m in the same situation I always try to keep distance or just evade to increase distance.
And this is what I expect grime other pilots on expert server as well…

Technically, you have the right of way, therefore it’s the aircraft behind you’d responsibility to maintain distance. However, if they do not do so, adjust your speed, altitude, do whatever is necessary to avoid a conflict.


Is it any better on training or casual? Lol.

Well, yes, technically they should be chasing you and should maintain separation, but if they don’t, you can take action. I believe a violation for “not following ATC instructions” would be removed if you were reacting to a conflict that IFATC didn’t notice.

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People infringing on others will be dealt with accordingly. However, might want to check with ATC before…say…descending without permission.

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I have never experienced these things. IMO, I couldn’t do anything except for changing altitude or speed but if I were in a queue I think I would just follow ATC instructions and just see what ATC will do.

How I described: That’s what I’m doing atm. But somehow this is frustrating. Other pilots just seem to be lazy and let others do the job.

A lot of the issues are simply due to other users’ lack of pilot etiquette, so unfortunately, not much can be done. ATC will do their best to enforce what they can, but at the end of the day, it’s still the pilots’ mentality that should be changed, and IFATC’s magic wand currently can’t change that :(

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I don’t fly on TS neither do I fly on CS. This happened to me several times on Expert Server(!)

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Y, you’re right.

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