Close tie!

So, when y’all voted for my event earlier today, you guys made it a tie between KLAX and PAMR, so this will be the final tiebreaker!

  • KLAX
  • PAMR

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Thanks for voting!

@Stellar_G (which is also typing) told you to put it on the last event thread to not flood the IFC, please do that!

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Hello! I think @Sashaz55 said it best: “Just a little recommendation for next time. Put the poll at the end of your last event. That way your attendees can get a day in your next event. Good luck on events in the future!”

Also to note, you don’t need a tiebreaker event. You can have it in your event itself, but there is no need to create a completely diffrent topic


Last post, it was a tie so I made a tiebreaker.

But you should post as a comment, to not flood the IFC with different threads regarding the same thing

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My other topic got closed…

Like @Sashaz55 said: just post in your event, instead of adding a tiebreaker topic.

If you really want everyone to can tag the, (If Nesscery ) don’t just go around tagging 300people for your pools ;)

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Same reason… Just post it after the event on its thread

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I can’t create the event without an airport…

You post on the LAST event thread after it is finished

My last event was pretty old…

Either way, PAMR is the airport!

Oh ok then, if you clarified that not using the word ‘next’ event it would be clear, however people misunderstood so the other one got closed

Still , ussaly polls like this can get put at the end of the last event

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If your last post got closed, please don’t make another one that’s similar.

I’m glad you were able to decide on PAMR. Have a good flyout!