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This is where I open airports I love Feedback and things I need to work on!
Current airport:KFLL (Fort Lauderdale )
Region: South Florida

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Open at EBCI come Fly!

Thanks for the service! Sorry I accidentally turned right instead of left, wasn’t paying attention.

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Your all good Thanks For coming out

Just Closed Thanks for Coming out and flying everyone!

OPEN AT KTIW In the Seattle region I hope to see tons of traffic

SORRY had some thing come up thanks for coming out

Open at EGHH (bournemouth) I hope I see lots of planes

Open TNCM (Carribean) Come Fly!!
I’m sorry got to go had something come up Tha dl for who came out CLOSED

Open at EGBB Come Fly!

open at EDDL Come Fly!

METAR: EDDL 162220Z 25003KT 9999 FEW022 BKN064 19/17 Q1022 NOSIG

now closed ;) thanks

Open at KFLL hoping for some traffic this time Cya there

Sorry Having internet issues maybe ill open later

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