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ok, so Ive been holding off on this topic for a while, but when I get to a certian speed, the aircraft starts to veer left as I try to rotate. I checked ant the windspeed was only 2 knots, not nearly able to push a plane that far. I can descend and touch down with no problem. I was able to re create the insidant aswell. So a i just a terrible pilot, or is this a problem.

Aircraft(s): American Champion Super Decathon, Cessna 172 SkyHawk
Device: Ipad mini 4
Version: Current

My friend, it’s called crosswind. Use your rudder to prevent this.


This means your taking off into a crosswind… In this case you use the rudder in the specific direction of the wind

I checked the wind, and i made sure I was not doing anything wrong

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I was able to re create on booth Online and Solo, and while on Solo, I Changed the wind speed to 0 knots

Calibrate before starting your roll.
Rudder, Rudder, Rudder, even with little wind rudder can help a ton!

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This is not a bug.

Not terrible, but needs improvement.

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Practice flying in high winds on solo using rudder. Once you practice in high winds, normal winds will be easy :)

Who changed this topic to General and Re named it?

I did - because it is not a bug and this is pilot error.

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Anytime you are veering off the runway use your rudder. I use rudder to stay on the centerline and as such am prepared most of the time for a crosswind takeoff. The rudder is your friend at takeoff.

I did the Take off with NO WINDS

When looking for support

Support = app not working

General = need help with using app but apps working

Use your rudder to help control the plane at speeds. The faster the plane goes the more rudder you need expecially with prop planes. There’s something us pilots like to call P-factor.

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This tutorial might help. Applies to all planes

Now Thats what I call help.

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You should review takeoff tutorials. Good luck!

Dude… for real… when taking off you need your rudder… That’s the main thing and basic thing you will learn in flight school. Rudder adjustments while takeoff are crucial…