Close this please

Please close this topic thanks


99% sure that 767 came off an Instagram page known as aviationftlauderdale

edit: yep you even forgot to remove the watermark. Get out of here.


Wrong picture 💀

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So you took the Delta A350 too?

I have a whole album of pictures my friends send through WhatsApp, I guess some were screenshots they took.

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Oh, that’s cool. Be more careful next time.

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Yea sorry about that.

Pardon me interrupting you gentlemen, but as per category rules only OPs photos can be posted, except for times where it’s needed for context, but even then full credit should be given to the author

I flagged this.

Your own post or his reply?

My post ima try again later on.

Then don’t post them. Better to be safe than sorry. If the photos didn’t come from you, use a reverse image search. If any results pop up, that’s a huge red flag.

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Just want to also say, before posting ANY image that isn’t from yourself, is to always search it up, use to search up the image and find its source.

Never use images that aren’t yours, whether you think it is a friends or not. It’s against forum rules and could ultimately lead you to a suspension (it has been done before now). Just be aware and keep your account safe. 🙂

Have a nice day 😄

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Screenshot 2020-10-24 164920

Edit: ok, but you have an XR
But still, why make the topic sound like you took the photo?

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That’s my friends device.

Quality topics doesn’t mean posting photos that aren’t yours and lying about it. Honestly dude, get it together.


Please only post your own photos you have taken. It states this in the category rules, which you should take a read of. Please read my topic below as well. Thanks!


OP has requested closure. As mentioned above, please be sure to only use images that are your own in the future and images that you are 100% sure are yours. Thanks!