Close the app suddenly

its keeps log me out and and close the app on my I pad. !!!

Hello, and welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear about this issue. When exactly does it crash? Also, what device are you using?

Welcome! Yesterday, June 12th, a hotfix was released to address this issue. Can you please confirm your device as well as whether or not you have updated to v20.01.01 (hotfix update).

With the hotfix it’s very possible that your game is still crashing. Please see the following post: 20.1 Hotfix Now Available - #196

Hello, welcome to the community forum, please read this before you post (:

I am having the same problem with my 9.7 inch ipad pro with the latest ios. Before 20.1 Its extremely rare close to never that this issue ever happened.
Additional info:

  • my ipad connected to my phones wifi.
  • I thought it was installation issue so I deleted the app and reinstall. Still having the issue.
  • I found that I was using low data mode so I switched to full data, the issue was gone.
  • Hot fix dropped, I updated it immediately.
  • The issue started coming again. I flew KDFW-KIAH with B738 the app crashed on short final. Tried to fly again from KDFW but the app crashed before I begin taxi. Both airports have ATCs. It always crashed (apps closed)
  • Also I have another account flying on my phone with no issue whatsoever.

How much available storage do you have on your iPad Pro? I read somewhere that IF uses up to 1GB of storage while flying.

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Around 72 GB left. Before I reinstalled the data went up to 17GB for IF alone.

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That’s weird. I’m at a loss right now sorry.

I cant access the sim anymore, i can access the menu but when i start a flight, it loads and then just chrash
And i have «tons» of storage left on my 7Plus

Try put all the graphics settings to low, AA off.

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