Close proximity penalty

Nowadays, behavior on the expert server has changed dramatically. Mostly for the worse. like many have stated, they see planes flying way too close to each other, and the behavior is completely non realistic. I think that it would be a good idea if there were penalties for being too close to each other on the expert server. I think it could take after speed warnings, except it wouldn’t warn you on time, but on distance, and once you got too close, it would penalize you. Obviously, some things would have to be worked around, as it would be useless on the ground, and you wouldn’t get a penalty if you were taking off, and you were too close to a person on the ground. I think that there should be a certain distance that this applies to around airports, like it wouldn’t give you a penalty if you were say 50nm away from an airport, so aerial refueling could still be a thing.

Seems like a good idea, but my main red flag is how do you prevent trolls that purposely get close so they both get violations?


I guess I didn’t exactly think that through…

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You also have to think about planes approaching on parallel runways who are close together.


It’s like when driving you have one person over take the other and then do a brake check on purpose. When you explain this to the Trooper all he will understand is that you Slammed his rear when he was breaking regardless if he was breaking on purpose or not. This could be linked to trolls on here who will purposely get too close and then have you both get in a crash ( Violation ). The system will only see that you two were too close period therefore both of you will be penalized. If you want to fight against that penalty I’d assume you would have to PM a mod or someone of status to clear that out, kinda how you would go to court irl to fight a traffic case.


What about overnight flights when your sleeping?


Except you don’t land when you are sleeping. It would probably be a good idea to also put an altitude restriction on how high the penalty would/wouldn’t occur at

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The new feature coming with 20.1 where IFATC or the IF system could see when you were last active could solve this issue.

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KSFO would be a hotspot for violations then

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How would formation flights deal with this? 🤔


Formation flights could be systematically ignored when the game registers your flight of (_) callsign

Why did you delete your comment? That is actually a productive reply to the question of formation flights.

Edit: nevermind, you undeleted it

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Hhmm on second thought maybe it should be a violation on the mercy of ATC it would make it better. And more controllable. Like if Tower says for example: “Delta 1342 make a left 360 for spacing” and the said aircraft doesn’t respond and/or comply with the request, then Tower will put a violation.

Lol because then I thought it through and realized that trolls can purposefully add ex: (flight of 2) to their callsign
So now there’s another hurdle to overcome
Perhaps someone else has an idea so I undeleted it

People can abuse it and use it in an improper manner.

This is where a “formation flight by invitation only” feature would come in handy
I know people have been requesting shared cockpits

The only way I see this working is when both parties have a formation callsign.

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I dont think this is necessary, if IFATC sees a problem they should tackle it, and not let a system do it, Because if you got 255 under FL100 you get a violation I belive so it’s a buggy thing

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My issue ifs for us who like to do long haul overnight. We would get a penalty and wouldn’t know it until we landed. I don’t think this is a good idea. Personally. But I get where you are coming from. Sometimes ppl get close to you on purpose but there is a report button for a reason and it works.

In my opinion this would have to many issues.

Great idea though :)