[close!] [Partnered With UPSVA & Plane & Pilot!] Toronto Landing Competition - Cancer Fundraiser + IF Pro Giveaway @ CYYZ - 282300ZSEP19

Toronto Landing Competition - Cancer Fundraiser + IF Pro Giveaway

Server : Training

Airport: CYYZ

Time: 2300Z, 2019-09-28T23:30:00Z

NOTAM: Follow ATC Instructions, act professional. All proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Welcome to my First Giveaway & Fundraiser Event!

To win the Infinite Flight Pro Subscription, you must have the best landing in the competition. You’re encouraged to record your landing and send it to use so that we have another perspective, however it is not necessary.

Landings will be judged based off the following:

Centreline + Position: X/10

Smoothness: X/10

Follow Through: X/10

Total: X/30


For a Cause

For every person that attends, I will donate $1-$2 to Cancer Research.

Please use the link provided to donate directly to the Cancer Research fundraiser. All proceeds raised go to the Canadian Cancer Society.


To donate to the directed society, please click their official link below. This link will also be available during the event Livestream. If you choose to donate, please send either me or @Etrain proof of your donation, and you’ll be listed below.

Donation goal: $100
So Far: 20/100$


@Etrain - $20
@Mattheus - $20

How to Participate

To participate, list your aircraft and callsign. To qualify for the Competition you must land between 2300Z and 0100Z


Please list your aircraft, livery and callsign. Then just show up between 2300Z and 2500Z!



@jakey2_0- Southwest 738 | JAKE

[@Aviator_LH_2019] (Profile - Aviator_LH_2019 - Infinite Flight Community) - E190 | Speedbird 3001

@Mr-plane-guy1- Air Canada | 787-9 | Air Canada 5765 | (standby)

@IFliPlanes- BA A320 - RIP

@Scott_Ellis_Paddon- Air Canada 787-9 | I F A E Euro

@GlobalFlyer1- AC835 - Air Canada A330-300

@Etrain- Air Canada 787-9 | IAYT

@United_1154- Air Canada A330-300 | Air Canada 843 Heavy

@Altaria55- Air Canada 787-9 | ALT55

@ThomasThePro- British Airways B789 | BAVA226

@Gtmkm98- Air Canada A321 | AL157FD

@BadPlane- IF 788 | LIFE

@Voyager456- WestJet 2711 | WestJet 737-800

@Leong_Qi_Wei_819- Air Canada A321 | ACA184

@Samivan_911- Generic A330 I N734C

@Ecoops_123- Air Canada A321 I EC-123

@IF_Aviation1- Air Canada 787-9 I IFA1

@Beast_Mode- Southwest (Heart) 737-800 I Southwest 256

@Sir_Baller- 737-800 I VEVO1

@AIDAN101- Hawaiian 767-300 I SPEEDCAT

@tinytinnytin Air Canada 787-9 I AC102

@NathanD TBM-930 I N172ME

@Alphadog4646 IF 787-8 | Missing

@PlaneCrazy Q400 | N202PC

ATC Status

ATC is needed!

Spectator Gates

There will be Spectator gates available, but with no gate assignment. It will be based on first come, first served.


We Thank UPSVA for Partnering with us for this event!

Join Them Here:

For All UPSVA pilots attending, you will be placed in a seperate PM for special gate assignments.

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510

Special Slots

If you can’t make it to a Timeslot listed, you will be placed here. You are asked to send your replay.

Hope you can attend for this cause. Donations are not mandatory, however they can help change a life.


I’ll take approach even though I can’t donate I’ll defenetly help


I’m attending

Airbus A330 | Generic | N734C

Is the subscription paid for a lifetime or when does it expire?

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It’s a one month.


You put me as an A321…

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Apologies! All fixed.


All good m8!

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I’ll see if i can get my subscription extended by then, that way I can join as a Hawaiian 767-300.
So yes, I’m signing up and I’ll see if I can make it. I’ll try and let you know in advance if i can’t. Callsign is SPEEDCAT

Sign me up, Aircraft: C750 Callsign: VEVO1

I can go standby for approach for the event :)

count me in anything to help cure cancer my dad had cancer :(

southwest 256
boeing 737-800 southwest heart

I can be ATC

I believe there is no such thing as 2500z, it should be 0100z the next day. You can also use the “date/time” feature.
So this will be:2019-09-28T23:00:00Z - 2019-09-29T01:00:00Z

Wish we has this to fly in.


Are there still spots left, if there are then I’d like to participate too🙂

I’ll be an Air Canada A321! Let’s get some donations! (I may donate at a later point, my bank account has moths in it)

Callsign Please!

Please read the topic next time. The post clearly says all spots are filled.

Thanks for coming. Your in.

Of course.

Your in.

Hope to see you there!

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Of course!

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Need any judges?

Would you like to be one?

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