Close it

Open airport Anguilla
region Caribbean
I’m open so come on in and fly!


EGHH 262150Z 26007KT CAVOK 15/11 Q1008


CLOSED had to eat dinner

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OPEN at KASE Nice Rough high terrain Hopefully I see you there!!
Happy Flying

NOTAM : Heavies aren’t permitted at This airport nothing larger than 757 and 321

METAR: KASE 270153Z AUTO 29004KT 10SM CLR 22/12 A3034 RMK AO2 SLP146 T02170122

Are you allowing t&gs !!!

Heck ya I am come fly T&G’s

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You must be an eccentric then …every time l go there l hear no pattern work allowed …look for me then… Execjet 451 BBJ !!!


I’m off for 5 mins then I’ll be back :)

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Ok I’m back online ;) come fly

Oh god now we have 2 Dumb inbounds that won’t listen like the 747

This Is a huge mess!!!

Only Execjet ad N132KS ARE LISTENING

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Just closed Feedback is appreciated Publicly thanks Sorry about the noobs

Thanks for having me… l will follow you somewhere else again… good job… considering !!!


Open at EBBR in Amsterdam come fly

EBBR 271650Z 29009KT 9999 FEW047 21/10 Q1007 NOSIG

Just closed thanks to who came

Just a few things, when I needed to cross the runway to get to 02 I was told to cross 25 I think it is, since I was closer to 07 you should have told me to cross that runway, also for the size and weight of my aircraft you should have gave me 25. Thanks.

I told you to cross the Runway that was open the other side was closed I like to use the Open runway so I know what runway is being used Thanks For Feedback

Not true I’m afraid, you should tell them to cross the active runway no matter where along they are crossing it :)

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