Close flight with The A350

So while I was flying, I stumbled across an IFC member. He is @AlphaFoxtrot1124. So I saw him from a distance and I thought “let’s get super close and get pictures for the community”. So here it is. #Flightbuddies 😁✌

Aircraft: Airbus A350 / Qatar airlines

Route: VFR

Sever: Expert


You’re flying on the expert server yet in picture 1 it really looks like your plane is inside his. Make sure to abide by separation rules!


Nice, but I don’t think the passengers will be happy. Qatar will probably lose it’s 5 stars.


Hey! Is that the expert server I see? Just remember that there’s always the casual server!

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There were no people on board lol

True. I’ll do it next time. I just couldn’t help myself lol

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I was actually in a little close to the tip of his wing. I just zoomed the picture

Haha cheers! That’s how planes shake hands 😂

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Ah, I see they’re just having a little chat…

Please do keep in mind that you’re on expert server, only get close if you have the other user consent


He was fine with it 👍

Cool pics.

The first one is too close.;)

Oh no 🤦‍♂️ not in the Expert server !🤨

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“Mamma Mia, here we go again 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️“


Too close (picture 1)

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I’m pretty sure you flew through @AlphaFoxtrot1124 ‘s wing

I kinda did but when it comes to flying with people who are near me, I can’t help going super close to them

if there is no communication, it’s really hard to get close

I did contact him through the message system on my profile telling him I’m behind him

okay buddy then Let’s call this a ping problem.
because you are too experienced to make mistakes.

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But that wouldn’t be safe at all in a real situation

I know you might say but this is a flight simulator