Close Encounter With a British Airways 787-10 On Arrival to London (EGLL)

Today When I Flew From Copenhagen(EKCH), A British Airways 787-10 Got Too Close To Me When I Was Descending into London (EGLL). I Was Flying In A British Airways A321

Turning Left In An Attempt To Safely Distance Myself From The Dreamliner


That Dreamliner is doing a terrible job social distancing 🤦‍♂️


I have had a really close experience with the 787 in the little Q400! Haha

Funny picture, thank you for sharing :)

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Tbh, I love when I have those 1000ft seperations when flying at cruise alt

Cool pic btw

Wowee! Hope you had a safe flight anyways

hope you have a safe flight.(By the way ,if others through you in Expert Server, maybe you can tell Moderater to solve it 👀)

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Funny responses 😂. How do we know that you didn’t fall asleep and it was your fault for flying too close? jk

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