I will be controlling EGLL for 30 minutes ( and more if more people come) today to practice some ATC skills.

My name in game will be Hezz and if EGLL is occupied, I will control in KFLL in South Florida.

Come along and I hope to get more feedback, thanks.

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Coming now, look out for Emirates99 :)

Just noticed it was 18hrs ago lol apologies

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no, it is open now


  • You had two aircraft inbound within 1 mile of each other (you have 2 runways, use them)

Other wise very good. Nice job with the go around

I was M-AGIC display name IFATC Adam Callow

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Thanks for coming by. As he requested a specific runway, I think it is better to just give the same runway as there will be enough distance ( the leading aircraft is going like 220kts on short final)

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