Close Calls (First successful flight of the decade)


Yesterday I tried to complete a long-haul for my first proper flight in 4 months, which was EGLL-RJTT in a Japan Air Lines B789. However, that failed as my game crashed just before I was about to start my approach. So today I did my first successful flight from John Glenn Columbus Airport to Las Vegas-McCarran Airport in 4 months using the new UI from December. It also happened to be my first successful flight of the decade, surprisingly enough. It was an alright flight, apart from the fact my landing was -579 FPM, so ouch. I also approached Las Vegas which was quite busy, and I ended up encountering 2 major close calls. Anyways hope ya enjoy!!

Aircraft Route and Details

Aircraft: B738 (737-800)
Airline: Southwest Airlines (Heart livery)
Callsign: Southwest 4224
Flight Time: 5h and 21mins
Server: Expert

Early morning departure from Columbus

Moonshot cause yes. Over somewhere?

Cruising at FL340 over Colorado. Just passing Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, and some cloudy mountains.

Now approaching Las Vegas, alongside near is @Ecoops123, who is in an Allegiant A320 from Chicago-Rockford.

First close call. So I was instructed by ATC to descent to 8000 from 13000 feet and turn heading 080 (entering downwind for runway 26R). During my turn and descent, I noticed another Southwest 737 who was departing, but heading incredibly close to my jet as I was descending. We missed each other by about 500 feet (super close).


This was an even closer miss. After the first near miss I was focusing on the map, my route and also who was behind me, as well as how busy the airport was. I was noticing a lot of people having to enter holding patters and a few people having to divert. In the middle of this distraction however, I got into cockpit view and suddenly noticed a KLM 777 coming in quite close, about 200 feet below me (I was still at 8000 feet heading 080). ATC instructed the aircraft to descend to 7000 but was doing it quite slowly. We passed each other with a separation altitude of 300 feet (catastrophically close). It turns out this 777 was arriving, so it was behind my tail up until the turn to intercept the localiser.

I landed safely on 26L nonetheless (runway change, and it was not really soft and safe because the landing FPM was -579, so hard). I exited the runway and behind is an E175 passing by conducting a go around.


Nice shots there bud!

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Moonshot gang bois

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Nice that was you in the 737!

I had all HUD and player icons off, I’ve been doing this for a while, I actually really like it because it adds a lot more to the game. It’s just having to be constantly aware of your surroundings! 😅


Thanks! @Ecoops123, @MissRosa and @Ajaxibrahim!!


I came in to LAS from BUR and got denied entry. Not sure why but ended up diverting to PHX.

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I really love the first shot. Amazing work!

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thanks!!! @TaipeiGuru

@Tucker_Ryan yeah the airspace was quite busy yesterday, a lot of people told to divert or hold, it was unfortunate

Ahh -579 fpm. I love the taste of tray table.
Great shots!

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nice :) i stil do not have the courage to do long hauls :D i fear of forgetting it after couple of hours :D

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Thank you!! @Suhas, @Sareban!!

by the way, welcome to the community!!