Close call with Ryanair

When I saw EIDW was opened by ATC and had the surrounding Centre ATC’s open as well, I immediately took the opportunity to fly out of the exotic airport that is always fun to fly out of because of the unique taxiway layout.

Server: Expert
Route: EIDW - VHHH
Flight Time: 12:06
Aircraft: A359
Livery: Cathay Pacific
Callsign CXVA123

Ryanair on approach for runway 34 as I line up runway 28.

(Runway 28 is a short 6800 feet or so runway, requiring me to use flaps 3 for takeoff which I had never done before as I also had a 91% load lol)

Extremely close call as he flies right is maybe only a few hundred feet or so above me? (There was tower ATC)

Another angle to the somewhat similar Tenerife airport disaster? (Except we didn’t hit each other)

Flying over beautiful Mongolia

We then take a turn south towards HKG and fly over beautiful northern China (This first photo I chose to edit as I thought it was the best looking one)

Another image of how wonderful it is out here

On the scary shortcut approach for Runway 25R at VHHH. Don’t worry, it’s a published approach at VHHH even though it doesn’t look too legit

14kt crosswind as we touch down into Hong Kong. Not too bad of a landing!

At the terminal with Cebu Pacific from Cebu and a departing Cathay A350 to Singapore

It was a fun flight! Thanks for looking though my pictures and feedback would be appreciated!


That was quite close! 😅 Nothing unusual for a Ryanair though.

Due to people always attacking me when I make jokes and memes about Ryanair, this is a joke.

Love the mountain shots though, looked like a fun flight!


I love the photos!
I love the A350!

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Great pics and detailed descriptions!

Don’t forget to erase the very beginning from your drafts before you post them

My apologies, thanks for letting me know! Thanks for your feedback

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Amazing pictures! That was really close…

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