Close call on Expert Server

So yesterday, I was flying on an hour and a bit flight from Manila to Hong Kong on expert server, and about half way through I was paying no attention to the flight, just on my computer, when I look up to see how my flight’s going, then in the distance I see a plane at the same flight level as me (FL360). He was 20 nautical miles away from me, which made me think hard if we were nose to nose, so then I go onto my map and see that same flight sitting right on the line of my FPL, which then makes me feel the need to do something. I simply disengaged NAV mode and turn the heading slightly to the right, just seconds before he passed me.


Wow the closest I have ever gotten to someone was 5nm

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Oh the #live topic is closed 😫

Well, I guess mine will go here, the other day in Canada…

That was totally unexpected. The aircraft was going about Mach 0.85, meanwhile I was at 0.79, so it whizzed pass me. I had earphones on at the time on another device, and my volume on on this one. I head a very loud whoosh of the engines, looked across, and took a screenshot as fast as I could 😂


That’s actually funny.

Bruh what server was it?

Expert. We had the same routes in our fpl, and happened to be at the same altitude. It was pure coincidence, but becuase we used a flight planner, it put us both on the same airway.

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Oh right. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen to me before

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That’s really crazy

It’s happened to me a lot hecuase I always fly a lot to the schedule, and generally halfway through my flight join popular, congested airways. It’s just whether you notice it or not.

Ngl I actually don’t know what an airway means.

Basically like a highway, but in the air :)

Aircraft take a network of ‘roads’ to get to their destination

Oh ok sounds like fun

Can you give me an example of one?

The white lines are the ‘airways’ (I’m not exactly sure what the yellow are).

You’ll notice how this (and all aircraft) with follow these white lines/airways until they reach arrival procsuedes of their destination airport.

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After that the pilot felt so popular, that ATC gave him a phone number for Pilot Error.