Close call at LERS on 12 May

I just want to post this situation that occurred at LERS on 12 May. I post the translated text from Spanish on news. Sorry if strange words, direct translation.
What do you think about that?
The Commission of Investigation of Accidents and Incidents of Civil Aviation (CIAIAC) of the Ministry of Public Works is studying an episode that happened a few weeks ago when you entered two aircraft while making approaches to the Airport of Reus. In detail, and as it is gathered in the preliminary information of the investigation, which is public, the events took place on May 12. They involved two aircraft: a Boeing 737, operated by Jet2, and a Diamond DA20 aircraft by Aero Link. The trajectories of both converged and the situation forced one of them to perform an evasive maneuver.

In detail, and according to the same documentation, on May 12 Jet2’s Boeing 737 made an approach to the Reus Airport to land at the head 25 of the runway. In turn, the Diamond DA20 aircraft from Aero Link was preparing to enter the control area of ​​the Reus Airport. This aircraft “had been instructed by the controller to maintain a height of 3,500 feet or higher because of an exhibition of acrobatic flights over the Tarragona area.” However, “the trajectories of both converged and the plane received a TCAS RA alert (system of evasion of traffic and evasion of collision, and resolution of conflicts), for which it executed an evasive maneuver”.

The horizontal distance between the two planes, always according to the information given in this preliminary information, “was reduced to 0.9 nautical miles (one mile equals 1852 meters)” and the vertical distance was “in 100 feet”. During the episode there were no injuries and the aircraft were not damaged. The Jet2 plane was a commercial aircraft, which corresponds to an international passenger flight. The plane was an instruction flight, as it appears in the information that has been made public by the CIAIAC.

Enaire sources consulted in relation to the investigation explain that "in the case of incidents such as your interest, in compliance with regulation (EU) number 376/2014, Enaire conducts an internal investigation to determine the factors contributing to the incident with the goal of implementing measures to improve security. " In the same way, “Enaire additionally supports the investigation of official bodies such as CIAIAC, providing them with all the necessary data and their own internal investigation if it is” required ". Once the investigation is concluded, CIAIAC will disseminate the results.


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I’m led to believe that spain is just doing things wrong. Too many close calls happen in Spanish airspace, usually controllers fault.


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This was really close.

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