Close Call at JFK

Controller cut this takeoff and landing a little fine at JFK yesterday (and because I landed well before the runway markings; oops!) 😂 fun to replay, though.

  • Expert Server
  • JFK - JFK
  • United 172 737 taking off 22R
  • Private Cessna Citation X landing 31L

Anybody else experienced some live close-calls?


big uff for that

Literally yesterday when someone decided to land on the opposite end of the runway I just exited(He was trolling in a military aircraft in expert)

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If you think this is bad, watch this, essentially the exact same situation. This clip is a part of some ATC movie, I don’t remember what it is called.


Can you share the replay on and then share it with us?

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This reminds me of that movie " pushing tin"

Movie was called 2:22.

Also I have experienced a close call @ EDDF on expert server when a 77W refused to go around and purposely tried to land on the same runway as me at the same time and I barely exited the runway in time. They had nearly clipped my tail with their wing

When flying be realistic - Live - Infinite Flight Community check out that.

Oh, and the planes look like A330s. I guess I know what to expect from casual in the next couple of weeks after 21.4


2:22? I think that’s the name. It’s also RIDDLED with inaccuracies. For example, about 5 mins after that scene, they show a shot of the pilots putting down the gear of an A330 by pushing the thrust levers to TO/GA. But a very well made scene.


Anybody who’d like to check out the replay, get it here:

In this situation Citation X must G/A, and if 737 speed less than V¹ reject takeoff.

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Thanks for the replay

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That was so close! Also nice landing btw

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Who was the ATCer for that session?

I think I know who it was.

I’m not sure!


It was me 🤣

But in all seriousness, I didn’t mean to clear United for takeoff yet, I meant to tell him to line up and wait. 🙄

At least it worked out. And I didn’t do anything about it because United was already going too fast and you were already on the ground and the time it would’ve taken me to say go around would’ve already have been past the conflict.

The screenshot above from my replay marks the moment where I noticed there was a problem 😬.


Expert Server 😳

Nice phots!

But why didn’t the United already rotate, he was well above rotation speed at 171 KN, I just don’t know about this one.

The main reason I didn’t really worry about it too much was that United should’ve been in the air by the time Legend passed the Intersection, but apparently he was a heavy boi.