Close call, as two Ryanair aircraft miss each other by 400m over Spain

Photo from METRO

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I have seen it on various forums and from the comments on aviation herald there are comments insinuating the same thing. Plus look at the amount of times it’s happened before, it’s particularly common over Spain.


CLOSE CALL!! Glad everything turned out ok

Thank god they didn’t hit each other!

It was 400 feet, not meters.


In that case that changes the story to a whole another level of safety hazard. 400ft separation is way to little and is in book considered a near miss/on collision course.

Luckily the pilots took the right actions to prevent a mid-air-collision to occur with help and thanks to TCAS I would suppose.


What if they did hit each over

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What if? Then you’d see more people in dispair, crying over the loss of their loved ones. A Crash in the air is what would’ve happened. We’ve just had a horrible accident in Asia lately, we don’t need another. Be thankful that nothing happened and rather not question what would happen if they had collided.


as a controller, 1000 feet sep is all thats required is they were below 260 and or RSVM qualified…

not sure how this is news, planes fly with only 1000ft vert sep all day long.

500 between ifr and vfr…

400ft on the other hand is dangerously close.

details are important OP!

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At first I thought it said “400 miles”. I was about to ask how that could even be noticed, nevermind called a close call

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“Appropriate diversion measures” by Ryanair? Never heard of it


My city and suburbs in fire… (or maybe my province/state)

You don’t have to imagine, it happens all the time


Who also don’t have any fatalities, hmmmm

I know, but 400m away is relatively close, instead of just typically being multiple kilometres away.

Planes will fly directly over each other occasionally only 1000 ft feet in separation

You can’t see a plane that’s above you though. My point is that planes are rarely that close to each other at the same elevation,

Don’t forget that this happened within the last month.

You would be censored on YouTube, and I’m not all that surprised it’s Ryanair. What do you expect?

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