(CLOSE)ATC LFBO(Toulouse) (Training Server)

I am the atc now on LFBO (Toulouse) you can take off from the 32R and landings from 32L
I like to doe tuch an go. you can take a arbus aircraft for testing the plan ;)

is their anyone who wants to do the Ground Tower
I take The Approach

I see you

I will come in a A318 Airbus livery

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What happened. It just switched to unicom

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my ipad was falling out

Would you like me to take over for you?

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yes i take then the aprouch

Sure, I’ll be around for 20 or so minutes.

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don’t go we changed off ATC come back

Ok sorry, just had to leave for a second be back in a minute

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you dont have to do an flight plan i instuct you

Sorry Guys I have to go I go play football match and then I COME Bay and I go atc

C32A154A-AEA1-410D-B6EA-B9AD341C29E6Good job guys :), no complaints at all

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Another idea is to make a tracking thread so you don’t spam the forum with atc online. It’s just one big topic

would you like to doe the atc again

or is their anyone who doe the atc Ground and Tower

@turkish534 would you like to join

I take it your closed? If so please place [CLOSED] In your title to avoid confusion.


i am now the atc aprouch you can make go arounds whit airbus on toulouse

COming now! Hope you’re still here.

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you can come i sit now in tower and ground and when you are take off i go aprouch