Close ATC frequencies without closing the airport

This is not a feature request, but if anyone still had votes left it probably could be. I guess this is largely an IFATC subject, but since we have over 500 IFATCs now I think I get away with it.

As ATC, have you ever had the situation where you wanted to close one frequency and just continue with the rest?

Examples where this could be handy:

  • when you’ve been on Tower and Ground and you now want to continue and split with another controller. You want to close Ground frequency and continue with Tower.
  • when you’ve had multiple Center frequencies open and you want to close just one
  • when you’ve had TGSA and you want to close just A or just TGS (Supervisors only)
  • when you discover you’ve somehow managed to open two Ground frequencies and want to close one (only happens to me…)

Interested to hear if the ability to close one of your frequency would be a feature that would make your life easier.


Yes! I so agree with this! When I’m controlling a busy airport on Training Server and it gets busy, I really want to do this, but you can’t.

I fully support this!

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I think this would be a great option. It’s easier to see for how long you are controlling and you don’t need to reset all your controlling settings. Could be really useful.

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That happens to me as well. I agree with this though.

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I wonder where you got this idea…😂


Haha I agree Anton! When you are splitting with someone and then you lose all your minutes and emojis on 😔

😂 Nice idea, I support!!


You go for the emojis!? 😵😅


Of course 😜

Joking haha


NEED THIS. Please please please make a #features. I’m tired of needing to close and reopen every time I need to split TGS to TS & G once it gets busy. Seems like it’d be a pretty quick add too. Probably wouldn’t require too many votes.

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Is this what you are talking about? If so, it already has 30 votes 🙂

Agreed - This would be so helpful when splitting frequencies.

I do indeed. Hadn’t searched on ‘log out’.
30 votes, gosh. That’s a bit skinny isn’t it. Maybe we are indeed running out of votes 😏
For those that haven’t: please vote!

Yes!! I agree 🤗🤗🤗

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