Close and fast spotting | Zürich (LSZH) | 15th February, 2020

Hello Everyone

Yesterday @Beniamino, @Nick_Wing and me went spotting at Zürich Airport (LSZH). After meeting @Beniamino through IFATC and realising that he was going plane spotting @Nick_Wing me decided to tag along. We were lucky as the new A320neo from Aegean decided to pay a visit to Zürich.

From the top of Parking garage 6

SX-NEA the First A320neo to be delivered Aegean, heading back to Athens, Greece.

Another shot of SX-NEA. In the background on runway 28 9A-CQC taking off back to Zagreb, Croatia

OE-LQV flying (hopefully) happy passengers back to Berlin Tegel.

A pilot wave to us :) If you’re ever in Zürich, most SWISS pilots will wave, so make sure you wave back.

‘Pistenkreuz’ - Runway Intersection

HB-JHQ taking holidaymakers to Varadero, Cuba. @JulianB I know you will like this one ;)

HB-IJM one of three painted in the Star alliance livery, jetting of to Geneva, Switzerland.

HB-JCR an Airbus A220-300 / CS300 flying to Brussels, Belgium.

American Airlines B787-8 N812AA climbing out of runway 16 off to Philadelphia, USA.

Next to runway 14 / 32

A Vueling A320neo landing on runway 14, just arriving from Alicante, Spain. I was lucky to get this picture as we were on a tour bus at the time.

Bonus ‘The A380’

Here we see A6-EUC back off to Dubai. We have 3 A380’s a day at Zürich. 1 Singapore A380 and 2 Emirates A380s.

Thank you for taking the time to read my topic and taking a look at my pictures. I hope to go plane spotting more often this year, so keep your eye for some more pictures in the future :)


Stunning! Can’t wait to head out there with you in April!


I’m so excited for April. I will hopefully have my new lense by then. You just need to learn Swiss German for the airport tour :)

Wow these pictures are insanely crisp. What camera do you use?

I mean unless if you have the S20 Ultra I wouldn’t blame you haha

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Thank You!

I use a Sony A7iii with a Sony FE 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G OSS lense. I plan on getting a Sony 200-600mm lense soon.

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I have to go to Zurich someday because it looks so cool there

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Wow! Absolutely stunning and fantastic pictures! Loved them all, but those from the Pistenkreuz are simply amazing! Thank you very much for tagging me, what a great airplane and livery the Edelweiss A330 and SWISS A220 have! Also the Star Alliance (SWISS) A320 looks fantastic!

Absolutely fantastic to be able to see another great topic from that day in Zurich here on the IFC!

Thanks very much for sharing!

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It’s a very spotter friendly place.

Thank you!


All you needed was this!

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