[Close] An Original Flyout In French Alps @ LFNA - 122100ZJAN19

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Presentation of the location

Gap – Tallard Airport (ICAO: LFNA) is an airport located in Tallard, 12 km (7 miles) south-southwest of Gap, both communes in the Hautes-Alpes department of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur region in southeastern France.

The main activity of the aerodrome is based on the practice of aerial sports. In 2004, nearly 80 000 movements were accounted for, it’s over 100 000 now since 2010. These movements correspond to commercial (public transport) and non-commercial (aeroclubs, private, training flights) movements. It is the only and main European multi-air Sports centre. The aerology of the surrounding valleys and the local climate (more than 300 days of sunshine per year) make the platform a popular place for athletes.

In the background, connected by a taxiway is the aéropole. On about 10 hectares several companies are installed. Their activities are aeronautics-oriented: maintenance (like Icarius Aerotechnics), construction (like G1 Aviation and Beringer), studies (like Polyaero) and development.

Presentation of the event

As you can see, LFNA is an airport that grows in a lot of different areas, all in a beautiful place the Alps!
For this event it will be to operate business flights such as flights discovered or test flights for the company on the site.

Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Departure Airport - Gap - Tallard Airport [LFNA]

Departure Time - 2100Z Saturday, January 12

Ramp Assignment’s @ LFNA

Ramp Flight Aircraft Type Of Flight Flight Time Pilot
FBO ICARIUS AEROTECHNICS LFNA - LFLP C208 Turbine Test 0h45min @Cpt.Paul
FBO BERINGER AERO LFNA - LFHU Super Decathlon Brakes Test 0h25min
FBO Skydive Tallard LFNA - LFLS C172 Discover Flight 0h50min
FBO AKRO d’air LFNA - LIMF C172 Discover Flight 1h05min
FBO G1 Aviation LFNA - LFMR Super Decathlon General Test 0h15min
FBO Pegasus France LFNA - LFNC Super Decathlon Discover Flight 0h15min
GA 07 LFNA - LSGS TBM930 Business Flight 0h45min
GA 06 LFNA - LFMN C208 Business Flight 0h45min @MacBacon28
GA 05 LFNA - LFPB TBM930 Business Flight 1h30min
GA 04 LFNA - LFLB SR22 Discover Flight 0h50min
GA 03 LFNA - LEPA TBM930 Business Flight 1h20min
GA 03 LFNA - LFLJ C208 Business Flight 0h20min @Aceorbit
GA 02 LFNA - LFMD SR22 Discover Flight 0h45min @Harish_Kumar1
GA 01 LFNA - EGTK TBM930 Business Flight 2h10min


  • Please spawn at your assigned Gate 10-15 Minutes prior to the event.

  • You are responsible for managing your fuel and flight plans. You can always check #tutorials for helpful tips and guidance or use fpltoif.com . Don’t forget to take into account the relief of the place.

Here you have more information about Gap - Tallard Airport

Gap - Tallard Airport


If you want to make a flight other than the ones proposed you can contact me to change the board.

Hello, may I please have GA 03?

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Hi @Aceorbit, I’m gonna add you to the event,
Enjoy your flight!
See you at Tallard;)

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@Aceorbit @Harish_Kumar1 @MacBacon28 I’m really sorry to inform you that I couldn’t attend tonight’s event for personal reasons. So the event is cancelled.

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