Close Active ATC TS1 @ KSNA

I am open at KSNA on training server 1 for the next hour or more. Please fly patterns so I can work on my sequencing. Feedback, tips, and advice appreciated.

NOTAM: 20L and 20R will be the runways we use. Please do not use any others runway. Don’t enter runway unless you get permission. No aircraft larger than 757 please.

Thanks in advance!


I’ll be there ;) Look out for DLVA288

What region is this is? SoCal?

San Francisco región :)

Oh, I’m coming! Haven’t flown on ts 1, in a while. Brace for the bad landings.

Yes, about to come in a Cessna, pray for my landing gear as it may snap.

Moved to KSNA in the SoCal region.

Back open at KSNA! Come fly in and keep me busy I’m hoping to get a lot of aircraft. It hasn’t been very busy the last times I’ve been on :/

Serious pilots only please! I’ve had so many people already not listen to what I say :(

Felt like I was flying on expert. Very nice job, can’t fault you for anything, not with me, not with other aircrafts. If you meet the requirements, have you considered joining IFATC? If not, TS pilots are lucky to have you.

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I do not meet the requirements for ifatc unfortuanetly and only have enough money for a one month subscription so I thought I’d just try it out.

I have a friend in the afact who goes to my school and helped me out with the video tutorials and basics. He got me involved in the ATC 😄 It is a lot of fun!

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