Close a region when testing is in progress

Possibly there should be a password or whitelist.

Why? Just don’t go there. If the devs really needed to stop people going there then they would have thought of something or used a private server


I don’t think I understand what you mean. I was replying to @Thomas_Galvin who was adding on to the suggestion. I don’t know where you are bringing this from. I agree this shouldn’t be a thing, but if it becomes serious, then that is my suggestion.

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I personally was not aware that the DEVS requested for us to not go on the server as I do not always check the forums and so I would not have known

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We do our very best to minimize the impact of testing on our live server but sometimes the only way to reproduce an issue is to have a real use case scenario.

We do use private servers for most tests though.


Oh, well, good to know Philippe :)

I want to play where I choose to, that’s the reason I got live.


Where did they say that they were testing anyway? I had no clue

Check the IF FB and check Liveflight on adv. at KOSH