Clips of Infinite Flight

Hey guys. I’m working on a fan made Infinite Flight trailer and I need some clips of Landings, Takeoff, Busy Airport Operations, ATC, Scenery, that kind of stuff to clip together for a video. Just wondering if ya’ll could send me some clips to make this new video, thanks.


I hope you get what you need the members will help you .
But you can check with members who made some videos and ask them .
Good luck .

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Good luck @Crcoli737! If needing any help just ask!

Hiya @Crcoli737 , you might have a little more luck if you ask people for their replays rather than asking them to shoot the clips for you.

That way, it’s your own content and you can edit it to your own style… You’d be surprised just how much useful footage you can get out of an entire replay!

I strongly recommend you check out some of the fan made trailers by @sqeezelemon , he makes them entirely from scratch using replays and the effort really shows. They’re a fantastic reference to use when getting started.


Ha I’m not that good at video editing

You’re never good at something until you try and apply yourself to it. I’m sure if you put a little time and practice into it, you’ll be able to make some fantastic edits of your own 🙂


I can probably get you a replay if you want…

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Here is one of my replays, the takeoff was terrible but the landing was butter… replay

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Sorry wrong account.

I may or may not be able to final-cut-pro something for you ;)

I also have this one Replay
And This one Another replay
I think they both will be good.

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And that’s why you should do it. I’ve spent countless years making stuff in iMovie, videostar and other ipad apps I don’t remember before I even had a thought about doing fan-trailers. If you’d look at my fan-trailers, they’re very basic in terms of editing, but it’s the arranging clips that make a compilation of rough cuts into something that is pleasant to watch. Just try to feel the song, experiment with your camera movements and just do it.
On top of that, don’t forget about stealing. If you like a song, try to see if there are any other videos with it, especially ads, and see how they hooked transitions and camera movements to the music, especially in which moments they have the transitions in. Also, just generally watching videos which are tied to music can broaden your mind and give you some ideas you wouldn’t have thought of. I try to not be an apple fanboy like @Dan_77, but I guarantee you they are one of the best sources of inspiration on tying music to the video, and also their music is pretty good for fan-trailers, just search for playlists of music from their ads/keynotes.

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I can personally assure you, whoever provided you with this information is wrong.

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Tell me if you need anymore replays @Crcoli737 . And when the trailer is done send it to me!

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Is the trailer done?

No lol. I was going to do it but i postponed it lol.

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