Clipping issue with new tug on narrowbody aircraft + solution suggestions

Hello all! As everyone has seen, Infinite Flight has added a new functional pushback tug in the new 22.2 update this week. However, with every new update comes it’s share of problems. The issue I have found, and I’m sure many other have as well, is not device specific, rather something to do with the tug model itself. Simply, the universal model used is far too large for the majority of the narrow body fleet. Every variant of the 737, A320, CRJ and ERJ families have minor to severe fuselage clipping issues. Here are some examples:



CRJ: (Moderate in neutral position, severe once turned 80°)


I have come up with 2 solutions:

  1. Making the tug optional and not required to be able to push back from the gate. Not ideal but overall would make the pushback experience slightly better for those of us who enjoy the CRJ the most.

  2. Adding another tug model. This other model would make pushing back in the narrow bodies more realistic. The tug I’m talking about is the one with the tow bar:

I believe that a second tug model would pushing back a lot more realistic for some of the most popular aircraft in the infinite flight fleet.

(If this isn’t the correct category, please let me know, thanks!)

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention in the comments that this was mentions in the blog. Thank you for pointing it out, I didn’t see it.


I agree, and I like it

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This is noted internally and, even in the 22.2 blog article, it was said that “Future iterations of pushback trucks will include varying sizes to accommodate different airport and aircraft sizes.”

Unfortunately, IF’s team is affected by current goings-on, and the artist team’s workflow is disrupted, as safety of the team is a priority. That said, here is part of what Cameron had to say on the matter under the 22.2 Release thread:

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Hello there, this is something that was discussed in the blog post in the release of 22.2. While I do agree that the clipping is an issue, it’s something the developers are well aware of, and something that they aim top fix with the release of tugs of varying sizes.

That said, there is no definitive timeline by which issues like these will be solved, with very fluid situations globally affecting the work of their 3D artists.


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