Clipping issue caused violations

So when I spawned into kmdw on the expert server I immediately clipped through the ground and started falling into the earth. I tried again 3 times at different gates, but had the same problem each time. Unfortunately I now see that caused me to get 4 violations for “aerobatic maneuvers in an active airport”, and I’m now down from grade 4 to grade 2 and can’t use the expert server for a week, all due to this nuisance. Is there someone I can contact to get my grade 4 back, or at least to be able to use the expert server?


Clearing your Scenery Cache will most definitely help you in the future if this is to occur again.

Here’s how:

Pause Menu -> General Settings -> Scroll to the bottom, and hit clear scenery cache.

That’s not really the point, it got fixed when I restarted the app, but I will try to do that. I really just want to be able to continue flying in the expert server

On violations, I would consider talking to a Moderator or Staff like @schyllberg.

Will do, thanks so much for the help

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Seb may remove them for you however it’s recommended that when this happens juts end the flight and restart the application. It’s not complete rare so keep this in mind to avoid picking up more violations.

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Sorry, I’m not sure what seb is

He’s referring to one of the community staff members @schyllberg. Often folks call him Seb, because its short for his real name. 🙂