Clipping and Texture Issues

Hi everyone, hope everyone is enjoying flying with buildings, clouds and much more.

Recently I have been flying several different aircraft and been noticing an issue with the textures when looking at the airframe from different angles with the free, drone, and some other cameras.

Here is an example of the issue I have noticed:

The issue is there on the wing, I was just wondering are the developers and other staff members aware of this issue? Apart from that everyone else in 21.1 is great, and I hope everyone else is enjoying it. :)

Hey, Kai!

This is indeed a known issue and the developers are aware of it; hopefully, we’ll see a fix soon. Glad you’re enjoying the rest of 21.1!

Okay, great! Thanks, hope you are too!

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Same kind of thing on the 77w wing which disappears when you zoom in


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