Clipper. Too many topics


Well i just got on the forum and i see there was like 8 feature request on these plains. And they were all from the smae person. Worst yet, all he says is “best plane in world war two” no specific reason to add it. I think it should be taken down or reported spam. No one else should get in trouble for posting to many pictures until these post get taken down. Cause theres about 2 pictures to each post. Almost every topic they made has been feature request its extremely annoying.


Especially when they are almost all warbirds. These probably could have been discussed in the same thread!


He also Joined on Jul 3 and all of his posts was aircraft request.


Who is this @Clipper I haven’t heard of him!


@John_Preston21 @DIsraelFDS what are your views on this matter?


I have flagged this to attract mods.


I think he made genuine mistake, he created topic in mata asking for how to delete. Guys stop accusing him without knowing his intension. Hope he’s not gonna do this again purposely.


To be honest I hadn’t even noticed until this topic- so I’m not complaining!


You cant accidentally post 8 topics


@Blackbird71 i get your point and understand what you are saying and yeah it was a bit much… @GatwickGuy maybe as you said he’s new to the forum and blindly made 7 too many errors…a stiff warning is enuff…i believe in second chances…i got one and my mistake was far more worst than this,and really i should have known better since it was told to me before hand…just saying…no worries :thumbsup:


@Blackbird71 Suggest you add the Moderator, Sean/ @Swang007 in a footnote to post like this. That’s the best way to bring immediate attention to your Issue. Regards, Max Sends


Well I see no problem with his posting. The devs actually told us to limit requests to ONE spceific item. And he’s allowed to request 8 planes. So what?


its actually consodered a spam he made 8 topocs in 30 minutes


Each aircraft request is appropriate. that’s what the features category is for. Now if these were duplicates or somehow offensive, that would be worth keeping an eye on. as is its a non issue.


Actually he has opened perfect requests. Any Feature category request is supposed to be just like his. One specific item, never multiples, and none duplicate others.


Lol, I just did a quick thread search and @Clipper was simply following instructions. He posted a tread a couple weeks ago add warbirds. It must have been a case of bad timing to come off looking like spam!


@Clipper, sorry for responding with an interpretation contrary to the guidelines. I would have made the exact same mistake if I had tried to create this topic!! The worst part is I just read the guidelines a few days ago…😔

Love the warbirds, I’ve always been a sucker for an F4U!


Sometimes the mobile website software of this forum pisses me off so much. Typed a little paragraph and all of it was lost because of an error.

Long story short: Some good requests, but some are excessive. Following the rules, but the alount of requests is rather irritating


Don’t know what to tell ya? The Features category is specifically for making requests. As long as requests follow the category description, there’s no problem. We want to see a lot of requests. There are a lot of things worth requesting, and this is how we can keep our eyes on what is wanted. :smile:


Hands down then! My bad thought he was wrong but thought ladies and gentlemen is a dangerous word! Used by many and many affected by it!
@Clipper my apologies we asummed and we were wrong! PM ME if you would like to discus this with me further!