Clinton's boeing 737-800


Saw that there is a feature of adding the Boeing 757-2J4’s Trump livery so I thought that adding Hillary’s aircraft would be a fun add-on too! There was another post but that was closed in September last year so thought I’d give it another go. The plane’s inside is like any other, nothing fancy but I think the livery would be a cool thing to have in IF as there is a Clinton airport

We got the aircraft that host the President while he travels, Air Force 1 So I think adding one of the candidates who run for president would be cool as well.
Please do not bring politics but rather your opinion on whether you like the livery or not.
Let’s be respectful towards one another and keep this single-handed about the livery
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Hillary Clinton Boeing 737-800 IF won’t release any politically suggestive planes. Please take a look at the post by the mid that closed this topic.


I like how simple it is! They picked a good company to fly her, during Secretary Clinton’s presidential run!

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Dm’s, not here

@anon79257371 If this feature request is allowed

Then this one should be as well, not trying to start a political argument here, so please don’t take it out of context!

But If the feature request for Hillary’s plane is closed and the one for Trumps plane is left open, then that’s an inevitable argument


Also for next time… only one pic per request

U can say that rlly Clinton’s plane was just for a political boost (it was temporary and just to put up with trump)
But trumps it’s his he always flew it (he didint have it just for the elections…) so it’s not political to say that trump also has this plane (that wld just be very anti right)


Taxied past this aircraft while training about 3 years ago. Probably won’t be added due to political reasons but a cool sight indeed.


Just out of interest, since this was leased during her campaign, has this aircraft been repainted? If so, I think IF has a policy that they will not add aircraft that do not exist anymore, in which case this aircraft may no longer be under this livery.


I believe it was leased out from Eastern and subsequently repainted afterwards back into Eastern’s livery. Eastern was restarted but never actually worked out so they leased out there planes to charter companies mostly sometimes to airlines or corporations that wanted a treat for the employees. Investigated into where it is now, it was sold off and is now leased to Norwegian


Interesting livery, however I don’t think it will be added because it is in a different situation than trump’s plane. Trump had that plane before he ran for president, as opposed to Clinton’s plane which has her political campaigning motto on the side of it.


I agree with the others. It’s a nice plane (I like the colors of blue used) but unfortunately this was used for her campaign only, thus making it literally political. (Also has her campaign slogan on it)


Thanks everyone for repeating the same thing over and over again… We get it, it won’t be added because it has to do with politics. No need to say it over and over again.


So that also applies here??? @Chris_Hoover
Since that message hasn’t been conveyed there yet, could you post the same thing there?

And Hillary’s plane was actually operated by Xtra Airways


The difference here is that Trump had his 757 before he even ran. Trump also didn’t use his 757 for campaign promotion purposes. Hillary got that plane for her campaign only.


Yes but @Chris_Hoover said

And Trump’s plane has very much to do with politics!

🙈 bruh just look ⬆️


Not necessarily because Trump’s plane was not used for political purposes. The plane just has his last name on it, but it is currently not being used by the POTUS as he flies on the Air Force One. As of now, only Trump’s family uses it.


In an effort to remain sensitive and respectful of everyone’s political views and beliefs this will not be considered for development. Our community is made up of members from every part of the globe, not just the US, and we must be mindful of this to remain inclusive.

This request will be closed and your votes will be returned. I appreciate the suggestion and understanding!