Climbing to cruise

Hello everyone!!

So to be honest with you guys ever since i started playing infinite flight I’ve never fly the A380 because it always goes wrong and keep stalling when i try to do long haul so i was wondering if you guys could help me on how to climb to cruise on an A380 im going to be doing and 11hr and 28 minute flights thx stay safe(:

I crank the trim high to at least 75% and at flaps 3 and you can climb at 3000 and the A380 won’t stall.

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There are multiple things you can do to avoid this. Have you tried step climbing? Climbing to a high altitude while heavy after takeoff can be hard on the aircraft since your still heavy from your departure.


If you’re stalling your VS is too high and/or you are too heavy to be flying that high. And also the A380 is an older model so its physics aren’t the best.


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