Climbing to cruise manually

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I do many flights on Infinite Flight and I mainly fly using the same technique every time, which is, take off with take off power, reduce to climb power at 1000ft AAE and then leave the aircraft in its climb power setting all the way to cruise, meaning I do not engage the SPD on the autopilot until I have reached cruise, however, as I have realised and maybe other people, climbing above 28’000ft it’s hard to manually maintain your speed because your speed that needs to be followed changes from knots to mach, I was wondering, how do you guys manually maintain your climb above 28’000ft with aircraft that don’t have a live cockpit.

I have watched the tutorials that have recently been posted on the Infinite Flight YouTube, however, it is never explained how to maintain the correct mach speed after climbing past 28’000ft, if anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated. :)

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I normally can keep my speed manually through FL280 by reducing to 320knts or below to prevent over-speeding and gives me a good gap depending on on ur cruise speed.

Thats probably a good idea, there’s been times where I have tried to keep 0.78 in an A320, but the wind drastically changes and then I am near a stall so what you’re doing is probably a lot safer of an idea.

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This is why you must monitor the climb to the end! I always do, and yes sometimes, we have to adjust vs to avoid stall or overspeed when there is a sudden change in the wind.
On a side note, the A330 and B757 require to gradually power up during climb, which is not the case with the A319/320.

Good rule of thumb is that for narrowbodies, set your speed to 300 knots and you should be at about 0.79 mach at fl280, tweak from there as required.

On widebodies, set your speed for 315 knots and you should be about 0.83 mach at fl280.

After 10,000 ft set your rate of climb to 1200 fpm and there should be no nasty surprises.

This should save you having to babysit the plane and focus on other things.

Manual climbs can be done by keeping the engines at about 75% and constantly changing tweaking your vertical speed to maintain a given climb speed.

On the CRJ2/7/9 my trick for departures without the aid of an autothrottle is the following:
-Set Takeoff thrust manually and hold that until atleast 1200’ AAL

  • bring it back to climb power (75% on the thrust works well for standard rate, or heavy takeoffs, 70% for more a more restrictive departure)
    -Hold the climb thrust setting through 10,000 adjusting V/S as necessary
    After passing 10,000 advance the throttles to max climb power for the given temp/altitude, and most importantly since it’s a slightly underpowered plane (-200 especially) you want as much forward momentum as possible in the climb so with the throttles typically as high as they will go (mid to upper 80% N1)
    -The transition to Mach is not the biggest issue as I guarantee you will drop off your speed between FL280 and cruise.
    The key is just toying with your v/s to get the best rate of climb/forward speed out of the plane

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