Climbing Speed (in knots)

What to you suggest as climbing speed (in knots)?
I make 245/345/cruising speed, but I think that is too fast.

I’d say the sweet spot is 200/220

It all depends on what aircraft. For planes like the 737 and A320 I do about 210-220 knots under 10k then around 280 to cruise and for heavies I do about 240 under 10k and around 290 to 300 to cruise

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I personally always use
•220 under 6,000
•250 under 10,000
•290 above 10,000 climb
•M.78 cruise


Personnaly :
Under 10k fts : 240/250
Over 10k fts : 280 (depends the weight)
Cruise : depends if I will make a step-climbing or not
(The cruise speed may change with some planes :
B777: m.0,83
A380: m.0,85
A330: m.0,82
A320: m.0,79
B787: m.0,85
… )

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345 is probably too fast, try around 290-300 instead.

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The solution to all your questions here is

It has almost all the airliners in IF covered for Climb/cruise/descent profile speeds.

For example, here’s the A320, 787, E190 and 773

It gives you 250 to 10K/Climb speed/Mach Climb then options for cruise profiles (as the arrow in the A320 points to) and then Mach Descent/Descent IAS/250kt

At virtualBlue we use these speeds religiously and they work very very well in Infinite Flight. When we factor in the plus/minus fuel factor (say -15 for the A320) and take off with appropriate (88-95% N1 depending on weight) thrust and do a standard thrust reduction at 1500’ then clean up the airplane and accelerate to 250kt, monitoring the time and adjusting VS to the TOC waypoint (use FPLtoIF to get the lat/long for this TOC waypoint) we are ALWAYS dead accurate on fuel.


I climb the 172 at about 75 kts ;)

I know A320s climb at 292 over FL100 so they are at 0.78 before the airspeed starts to drop

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