Climb up or stay on low altitude while turbulence

Now I’m flying in really bumpy area with A318.
Which is better climb up or stay flying at around 24000ft? ( checked weather in real forecast and it showed there’s a turbulence over 130 knots from 28000 ft to above 30000ft.

Turbulence isn’t necessarily related to wind speeds.

If you have a turbulence chart, you should consider climbing above the area if the flight duration allows for it as 24000 is a bit low normally for an A318.

Check out this one for more information/different options:


Did a nice quick google search and found this helpful website:

I’ll definitely try to use it next time I fly!


Thanks for sharing! I meant a chart like this one below, which includes areas of potentially bad wetter and their altitude:

Source: Polar Route Europe Atlantic Turbulence Maps - Turbulence Forecast

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That’s a good source as well. Usually, for severe turbulence (or severe weather in general), you can find a SIGMET regarding it on

That chart is from the page you shared, I prefer the classic map (the one I pictured above), but that looks to be a great way to access them.

Thanks for all the input!

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