Climb profile

Under the climb and descent profile for fpltoif it says “I-850”. What does that mean?

Sorry most likely just me im looking there now and can’t see anywhere where it says that. Could you provide a screenshot?


That’s strange, I’ve never seen anything like that before. Usually it’s something like 250/280/78

Is that the right code for the dash 8-Q400?

Yes it is. I’m still trying to think about the climb profile though.

I know the max speed under 10000 msl is 250 but do you know the max speed for the q400 above 10000’? @TimShan05

It’s roughly 290 kts.

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Try flying the speeds given for each fix in the flight plan itself.

The climb profile is something SimBrief provides. Will see if I can see.

I kinda figured. Where do find the climb and descent profiles on sim brief. Like the 250/300/84?

Yep, that would be it, which is wired for the Q-400 to have just one climb profile. Especially since the max speed is @ cruise is 300-360 kts.

I have never seen it in this format, however:

Some one in my VA told me that the profiel for dash 8 climb is maintain 75% thrust at around 210 IAS and change VS as appropriate.
If you look at some flight data of Q400s, they speed upafter getting to cruise.
BTW speed limits are in the cockpit.

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