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So this is the entire graph for most of the planes use the table of contents to get what you’re looking for


And flights of this route go at FL360 you could push to FL380 if you want probably but I recommend FL360

No. IRL, you switch to between mach and IAS whenever you reach the speed you’re switching at. This could be anywhere from FL200 to FL300. Idk why Infinite Flight makes it FL280. IRL, there is also a Mach/IAS switchover button for when you’re not using VNAV. This goes for climb and descent.

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I don’t quite understand how to use that graph

Let’s make this simpler.
250 is the highest speed below FL100, after you passed FL100 increase your speed to 320 and hold it, your plane will speed up to M.85 when you reach higher altitudes and this will be your cruise speed. For descend profile, M.85 is your speed to descend after you reached TOD, later, when the speed changed from Mach to Knots, slow down to 300, after that slow down to 250 before you pass FL100.

I thought I can’t use VNAV for climbing

Very right, just one small thing:

Between 10 k and FL280 fly @ 320 knots but do not exceed M0.85.

Edit: Here’s a Similar question asked before

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For step climbs, you can either use third party app to help you climb while you’re away, or climb manually, you cannot climb with VNAV.

I point this out because your transition altitude may be above FL280.

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Yeah that’s very true as well, though we don’t have the luxury of the switchover. We just gotta maintain the IAS speed until we reach the Mach speed we need and just hold that manually below FL280, more or less playing with the A/P or just controlling your throttle to get that Mach number.

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Not sure if I would consider LAX-SIN short

So for climbing using step climb given by do I climb once I reach the waypoint or do I have to be at for example 18,000 ft by the certain waypoint?

You have to be at an altitude at a specified waypoint.

You see the TOC waypoint. That’s your Top Of Climb, you must reach FL180 by then.

You’re supposed to climb at a constant throttle and pitch (adjust vertical speed) to maintain speed. We don’t have flight level change (the Boeing autopilot mode for this) anyway. When descending, pitch (vs) is adjusted to descend on a predetermined path (typically 3 degrees STAR altitude restrictions permitting), and adjust throttle to maintain speed. (Spoilers or level segments for 10,000 ft slow down to 250 kts.)

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So on the left is your weight/load percentage and on the top is your altitude and everything in the middle is fuel consumption per hour blue and green are most efficient one for East and the other for west (idk so check the graph) and yellow is similar consumption

maybe you haven’t read it all…
the short flight referred to the original post flight which was less than 2 hours. And as I said in my post, the LAX-SIN flight was built by me to give an example of how he could find the information

But how do I know when to start climbing to get to the specific altitude at that waypoint?

Bro just input all the loads into your plane and fly, you will be alright

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It’s not something you must reach for on the dot. You can reach FL180 before that, but shouldn’t reach after your TOC.

You can’t really follow all of the altitudes when you’re climbing, those are just estimates and you must climb refer to your thrust, not simbrief.

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