climb profile and decent profile

I got my fpl on sim brief and my climb profile is 170/40 what does this mean? Also is your decent profile and your decent vs the same thing? My decent profile says 2000fpm so what would my decent vs be if my cruise altitude is at 4000 and my speed is 170 knots?

What aircraft?

aircraft is the tbm 900

This is the speed of the aircraft:

It should be 170 knots then .40 once you switch over to Mach.


10-4 thank you

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@Chatta290 do you have any idea if decent profile is the same as your decent vs? My sim brief is telling me my decent profile is 2000fpm

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No idea if it’s 2000. It should be like the climb profile but in reverse so the Mach number, then the speed in knots till you reach 10,000ft then the speed in knots below this altitude. An example would be [240/320/85]

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