Climb Power?

Doing some training on the US Airways A321 around the Caribbean and SoCal, prior to the release of the, highly anticipated, updated A32x series.

Can anyone advise me what ‘climb power’ is for the A321, in terms of a percentage? 80%, 75%, 66%?

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First Officer Tom

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I tried with 75-82% N1, speed doesn’t shoot off, it stays between 180-200knots after around 1500ft I increase to 220-230 till around 3000ft…depending on staying in pattern or getting out. I made this thing-up, it’s not fact. Everyone fly differently.

importent is your take off weight. so normaly take the thrust power at 85%. N1=91%
Trim at 10-15%

Thrust depends on weight.
The A320s climb with around 2.500 ft/min.

The update is not so close as you may think. That’s my personal opinion. I expect it in November.

No one knows its release date. Think of it this way: If you predict it will take a long time and suddenly the app is updated much sooner than you imagined, then the update would be a bigger and more impactful/happy surprise.

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OFF TOPIC. Max Sends

Hi Alex,

I, like you, have no clue when the update will be hitting our devices. I’d like to get some flight hours on the type before it does though, be it 10 or 100. ☺️✈️

First Officer Tom

Thank you.

Why trim 10-15%? I don’t really understand trim.

Trim is almost useless in IF, especially low rates like 10%-15%…

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why is Trim almost useless in IF? its different when u use the trim or not.

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No, that’s not the reason @nickchan

In real world, yokes and sidesticks are fixed, so the Trim can help in certain situations.
In IF you can calibrate your device from any position, making the Trim almost useless.


Planes in IF do not have trim tabs. When setting the trim button you are actually setting the elevators to a new position which when set correctly, eliminates the nose bump you get when engaging and disengaging the auto VS.

Otherwise during flight, as Laurens said, you are simply overriding the new elevators position with your device.

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