Climb out on the 738

I can understand and appreciate if this has been asked before however I still cant come to a conclusion. when flying the 738 after take-off and leaving an altitude of 3000ftMSL as an example. I cant find an answer as to how much N1 I should maintain/ increase to. I’ve noticed if I climb at 75% throttle which equals give or take 83% N1 I find no problem climbing whilst maintaining/ increasing speed however when I reach FL210-FL350 I lose a lot of speed, this in turn requires more throttle and therefore more N1, I know this is very long drawn out but I just wanted to know what the maximum N1% is when climbing to cruising altitude, I can appreciate people saying it depends on weight but a more in depth answer would be greatly thanked. For a test I flew an empty 738 with no passengers no cargo and 12% of fuel with a cruising altitude of FL40 using 2500vs and 75% throttle/ 83%* N1 and still once passing FL310 I started to lose speed. with all that being said I just wanted to know realistically what is the most N1 used on the climb to cruising altitude, for light, normal and heavy 737-800. (speed is also in ground speed, not IAS as I know the air gets thinner and IAS decreases. ground speed is also monitored to take wind into consideration). Any answers are highly appreciated i am just trying to make the whole experience as realistically as possible. Thank you.

Climb to Cruise Tutorial
Have you seen this tutorial?

And if you are on autopilot, that would make sense if your speed is decreasing. The max. speed of the aircraft decreases, therefore the autopilot also decreases airspeed accordingly.

As you ascend, the air gets thinner, and so it’s harder to gain speed and altitude then. Try planning stepclimbs with or check out what @The_Real_Plane_Spott said.
Stay safe:)

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No I will look into it, No as I am still learning i am trying to fly as manual as possible

I have been told by a few players stepclimbing is not influenced on the 737 models

Oh yes, I should’ve paid attention to the aircraft, sorry bout that! I stoll stand by what I said about the air getting thin.

Not a problem, I may have found an answer, correct me if im wrong but 80% throttle for the climb up to cruising altitude should be sufficient. I appreciate your contribution

80% should be more than enough, I always lower the v/s when reaching higher altitudes, otherwise, it will not be able to climb properly at higher altitudes.

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Thank you, your reply is much appreciated

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