Climb/Descend Left/Right backwards!

Currently enroute to TCNM. I was at FL240 in a B717. Juliana approach requested I ‘Climb’ to FL180. Then ‘Climb’ to 9000. At heading 280, it was requested I turn ‘Left’ to 290. Then again ‘Left’ to 310.

Device: Nexus 7 tablet on Android.

This is the first time I encountered this bug. Very weird!

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I was at FL240.

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Had the same problem with the heading too. I wasn’t sure if ATC really wanted me to do a left turn. I’ve never been approach controller so I also didn’t know if they even have the option to make you go left or rigth.

Very confusing.

‘IFFG Jaydon Ephrat’ is the controller right now. Not sure of his username on the forum. Would be good to see if he noticed the issue.

Forgot I took a screenshot of this. Descending from FL240, the ATC log shows ‘climb to FL180’ and ‘climb to 9000’. Also I am banking to the right to ‘turn left heading 280’ (I was at 250 or something)…

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No idea about the altitude / climb issue, but looking through the transparent ATC box, I can see you were at 282 degrees heading, therefore turn left 280 is correct.

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Yeah I messed up. I was actually turning left there. The subsequent heading instructions were backwards though. Not sure if I caught a ‘correction’ in that screenshot or if it was correct. I can’t remember now.

I’ve had the same issues on iPad 2. Most recent software and 8.1.4

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