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a question for everyone. Does anyone like me have problems with climbing and maintaining altitude?
Problem with ascent: Autopilot set at 1500ft / m, altitude around 14/15/16000 ft, bow up sharply, and despite the climb vector set, the plane rises around 7200 ft / m.

HEIGHT MAINTENANCE PROBLEM: A cruising altitude of 36,000 and the aircraft loses once or ascends once. 200ft difference
AC: ALL B737 Familie / A320 Familie / CRJ


Has the autopilot unknowingly disengaged?

No. autopilot still on after 10,000 ft
I can send anyone a replay video.

I believe this is a known issue with the A320 and 737 autopilot. Don’t engage your altitude autopilot, and instead set your V/S to 0 and see if that works.

Another factor that could contribute is your weight, though that is usually with heavier aircraft, it wouldn’t really happen with narrow bodies as much unless your extremely heavy.

I’ve never had a problem with it

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AC: A321
TO: weigh 72 000 kg

I tried to turn off the autopilot at the B738 and up to 23,000 ft unresponsive

There are many problems that may have caused this I’ll list some

  1. kept flaps on to long after takeoff causing your aircraft to shoot up after you reach a curtain speed
  2. No trim on descent
  3. You were over MTOW
  4. Turbulence will always knock you off your altitude
  5. Use VS instead of AP altitude

I have the same problem and have gone through many of these troubleshooting steps. Many say to stagger the cargo between the back and front, but that is not the issue. My trim is set just fine and adjusted during climb to cruise. Once I hit cruise, I should be able to hit 36000 on ALT and the computer should settle at 36000 WITHOUT bobbing +/- 500 ft.

I feel like this is much like the SPD block where setting a speed not only pushes past 100% to get to that speed, but when the speed is adjusted, it goes over instead of settling in easily at requested speed. While that has been fixed, the altimeter should do the same thing and settle into the ALT and level off at the intended ALT without bobbing up and down like a ship on the water.

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It happens to me on any aircraft, but only variations around 10/20 ft

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