Click here to be bored

This is the most boring topic you’ll ever see so I do advise viewer discretion

What I’m about to show you is a throwback to the first photo that blew up for me. It’s a nice shot from a flight I did with a Boeing 717 on the Training server in the US region.

I totally didn’t steal this title from someone else 😅😂

Let me know what you think of my throwback. Sorry for not posting as much, am just way too busy with IRL commitments, but hopefully I’ll resume normal operations soon

Thanks for watching. Constructive criticism is always welcome. HAPPY FLYING AND LATE HALLOWEEN 🎃 ✈️


It’s a really great shot, however, it is blurry on my end. Still pretty awesome though!

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You made me so bored 😑

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Thank u 😊


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This wasn’t as boring as I thought it was, pretty interesting to be exact.

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