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Good evening everyone!

Today was quite an exciting day for many reasons! Firstly, it’s Sunday. Seconldy, I spelt secondly wrong. Thirdly, I got my third dose, and finally, I went spotting.

On today’s episode of Robertine has no life, he went out of pairs in 30 minutes for planespotting but because a car became a flaming ball of fire on the freeway, it took him 4 hours to get back.

Mini-mod repellent although real mods are more than welcome.

This was taken at CDG this morning. If that angers you, well then here are my sincere apologies:

Let’s go.

Firstly, I am very glad to have been able to take a picture of this beauty before it got replaced with the new abomination that I will never ever spot.

Secondly, we have the Ukrainians arriving in France.

Next up are the Russians, chasing after the Ukrainians.

Here come the Irish! The pilot of this plane is the only Irish person to have seen sun in the past 75 years!

…Followed by the Chinese, sporting a flap so dirty I put on hand sanitizer after taking the picture

Filthy Flap

Now that the Chinese are here, the other Chinese are leaving.

Here is the special shot of the day! It’s a bit sad that someone graffitied on it though :(

Here is a happy planespotter that I kid you not whipped out a slice of Brie and ate it midway through the spotting session

Last but not least, one of the few remaining A380s coming into CDG after using one of it’s 17 uno reverse cards on retirement.

This was my first time really spotting an A380 and I am glad I did so before they retired for good.

Also I was supposed to get an A330-800 today but it ended up never leaving Kuwait so that’s that.

I hope you enjoyed this topic and will have a great week!

Thank you!

Stay safe!



Amazing pics I love the A380 and the Alitalia with the tower in the background especially since that tower it’s going to be custom soon in infinite flight. quad jets never get old especially the A380

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Awesome pics, the captions made me laugh 😂😂


I’m sorry Robertine, but the rules of the topic say only 10 photos are allowed

jk jk, I’m not that mean, amazing shots, hoping to spot there some day!


Loving the photos there! (although Chinese planes are getting dirty)

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Firstly, not sure if you mean the new Alitalia livery (the nice creamy-beige colour), or the ITA livery (the amazing blue), but either way you’re wrong.

Secondly, awesome photos at usual! No idea how you’re able to get such good shots with that sky (and presumably no sun).

Thirdly, about the title, clicking this was the only option, because you can’t exactly do something with your life if you don’t have one in the first place ;) .

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Nice pics



@RoBeRtInE I cAnNoT sEe The ReGiStRaTiOn PlEaSe ClOsE

Jokes aside, that’s some great spotting. Glad I clicked there ;)



As always, loved the photos Robertine!

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Thank you so much everyone for the kind words!


Loving these pics Robertine, they’re amazing! Thanks for sharing 'em with us.

…and plus, I’d love some Brie too

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Can you move back to Seattle 🥲

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I can confirm this is untrue

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To continue the theme, you also have the Italians leaving and the Germans, Saudis and Emiratis arriving.

That’s really unfortunate, especially when the A338 is such a rare aircraft.

Spectacular photos as always. I wonder if the person who brought the Brie today will bring something else to eat while spotting next time.

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You write all of that and not tell us the camera?! Comon!


Hey Brandon, it’s Brandon right?

Anyways @Robertine great shots although I’ve looked for a good few minutes and back to doing nothing with my life


It is indeed haha! Long time no see, Zach! Just browsing the IFC because boredom hits during Isolation :p


I use a Canon 80D and a 75-300mm lens for most of these shots. Some shots however are shot at 50mm with a 50mm lens and a minority of close up shots are taken with a 10-18mm


That’s essentially what brought me to the airport in the first place

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insert meme man template here