Clearwater Fly-out

I’m gonna take off at like 6:47-7 est

I’m only gonna be able to attend for departure

Do we just start going now?

I have no clue 💀

Not attending:(

@whyevenbothernaming 🤔

Where is everyone?

I just left. No one said when to go so I didn’t wait around

Above it says pushback is 23:35 which is in 5min, but I’m the only one here

I think this event is a bust

Y’all, I faced some issues getting my flight started. That’s on me. If you’ve spawned in already, that’s fine, if not, go ahead now if you’re still with us.

Scheduled departure is 00:00 UTC for the first person.

Everyone either took off already or despawned

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I can’t find anyone on InfiniteX. I won’t be able to join with y’all but I can track and manage anyone interested. I panicked when I couldn’t open the game so I did kinda ruin the event (apologies) but anyone still interested may go ahead and spawn in. There’s no current ATC so there shouldn’t be any delays.

The fly-out part of the event ends in 1 minute, whole event concludes when last person lands (@Prestoni). I will send post-event feedback group PM to y’all when the whole event concludes (excluding the fact that the event collapsed due to my absence).

He isn’t even flying

That doesn’t matter. Event goes by block time. If he decides not to fly, I can’t control that.

I’ve got no issue with people spawning in now, despite being very late; in fact, since the event is already ruined, users can use any route from my Open Route Database if that makes it easier for them.

Anyways I do ask for the thread not to be closed until I send the group PM, and the next part of my Florida series is published.

This event’s sequel has been published! See you in Pensacola!