Clearly in need for a newer iPad due to 21.1

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iPad Air 2

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Bad graphics and app crashing

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  • Step 2 Make a Flight plan

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I spawned at KTPA, immediately realized the graphics were very low, even with all the settings on high, then the app kept crashing when trying to make a FPL.

More Information

So I have tried the 21.1 Beta using the iPad Air 2, and I came to a very quick conclusion that it is time for a new iPad. The game was crashing nonstop, and the graphics were awful even on everything high. Would anyone that has and uses IF on the iPad 8th generation confirm that IF will run smoothly on it, despite the new update? I don’t want to spend a ton of money on an expensive iPad Pro, when there’s a lot cheaper and simple products like the 8th Generation iPad. Can anyone give me feedback on how IF will run on this device?

Don’t buy a new device because of a beta build, all builds will and can have bugs. Try lowering the settings then building back up until you find a good balance.

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Runs fine on my iPad 6 Pro.

Maybe @Sebastien_Cartier can give you further advice (since I know he has an 8). Like Trio said, there are still bugs in this open beta and these bugs will affect all devices. The iPad 2 was released in 2014 and is certainly getting up there in age though. Best of luck with your purchase. The 8th Gen. should be perfect for you! :)

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I have an iPad 8 generation and it works perfectly fine. I can run all graphics on high without killing my battery or ruining the game play experience with lag. Although I don’t think you should get a new iPad because of the beta build.

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I highly recommend the 8 gen if you are indeed getting a new iPad.

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thank you!!

sounds good, thank you!!

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I also have the 8 all on high but I do put the limit to 30 because I can’t get it to run at full 60. But that might change due to it being beta.

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I go through an almost similar situation. I have Ipad Pro 2018 and the only option that is high is scenery rendering, the rest is low. Anti-alising disabled and 30 fps. I hope the official 21.1 will improve later.

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That’s very odd your iPad is definitely more powerful than mine.

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so quick question how much is for a ipad 8th gen because if its expensive then just better buy the new lenovog gaming phone that for sure will run full high everything at 60fps lol

Right so I’d check the website or store were your getting it from in most places it’s around $320. Also please do wait until official release of 21.1 anything could change.

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i got mine for just under 400 because I traded in my old one!

All high/60fps no
All high/30fps yes