'Clearing ILS' from N

How do I remove a previously set ILS from the NAV. I landed at KORD and departed again shortly, yet, some distance away and passing fl310 I seem to be fixed on the glideslope!

Switch your NAV setting from NAV1 to GPS, should do the trick :)

@Oli_H it’s on GPS

Unfortunately you cannot until you switch to another NAV or ILS

It appears he is on GPS

What you can do is just either ignore it or it’ll go away on it’s own.

How far away are you from KORD?

Try changing your BRG 1 to GPS.

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Thanks, I think that’s done it. Wasn’t a biggie, but just would rather have at off, as I’m sure IRL an ILS capture 150nm out and at such an altitude is not going to happen haha :)

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