clearing data

hi so i tried different methods to reduce app crashing problems, i frequently clear cache and restart my device as well as keep my graphics at medium.

my device is Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Android 6.

as of now i think i can tell when IF is about to crash! even if all my graphic settings are medium usually IF crashes when its taking up to about 5GB on storage and when its taking 500MB RAM or more!,.

i just finished a long haul flight just an hour ago which was about 12 hours long, during the flight i monitored how much RAM the app is taking between time to time and sometimes during the flight i go to settings and clear cache!

is it also recommended to clear date?! cause usually when i do that the app works better, i also downloaded less aircrafts this time, cause from now on i want to clear the data every time the app gets to taking 5GB or more on the storage

i wanna know if its recommended to clear cache AND data after every long haul flight?! cause clearing data resets the app and i think its makes it work better.

Yes close down all apps including IF. Do you have limit frame rate on and anti aliasing off?

yes i do have limit frame rate on and anti aliasing off all the times

I have a similar problem. After or before every flight I do, I always delete and reinstall Infinite Flight. It is really annoying to see aircrafts downloading automatically, which increases my system storage ( on my iPad ), and freezes, which forces to crash my device soon afterwards… In my opinion just remove the applications you don’t need, until you get a lot of gigs left, for the aircrafts to ‘automatically’ download on and in case there is a problem.

i thought you’re supposed to manually download the aircrafts tho?!

as for the storage i once moved IF to external storage which had 64 GB! and yet IF still crashes,.

You can at first, but they automatically download during your flight, which uses up your storage. Just take a look on this during your next flight

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