Clearer options for Report and Rate Controller in Live


Unfortunately, on the ATC playground server, people misbehave and get away with it, because not enough people report this person. Also, controllers only rarely get the credit they deserve because people cannot find the rating system. This can be put to the confusing placement of these options. And this needs to change.

(That was far more dramatic than it needed to be. It sounded good in my head… :-P)

My Proposal:
We should put 2 clear buttons for these options on the ‘systems’ screen, indicated by the green box:

They should have vertical menus when pressed, with contain:
a) The rating options for the current tuned freq.
b) A list of the nearest users, with the option to report those.

Thoughts please :-P

Rating ATC
Atc rating
atc ratings

You can report other pilots already, go to the map screen, click on their aircraft on the map and press the ‘report user’ button on the right hand side. I don’t think the current layout is too hard, and I don’t think we should be placing giant report buttons in the systems / controls screens

As far as reporting controllers, it’s flawed. 80% of the pilots have no idea of what’s right or wrong. They start reporting controllers because they don’t get cleared to land on some ridiculous reverse operations approach against all traffic etc.


The reason users “can’t find” the controller rating system is because it no longer exists.


As @SirMS pointed out, the controller rating system has been removed. Many people tended to rate controllers low if the controller issued them instructions that the pilot thought were wrong (even when the instructions were completely appropriate), or if, for example, they had to wait a long time to take off. Good system in theory, but unfair ratings meant it wasn’t as effective as hoped.


Adding to @a_gudimenko 's point, It was removed when people rated us controllers badly as they were waiting in the line too long for Takeoff. This is inevitable (waiting) . Hence…


Must have been reading too many old posts… The idea originated for being for the reports anyway.


I was in the advanced server (in the Caribbean region), and I had one very efficient approach controller, and one not so good tower who had me go around twice and just left. So is there any way to rate a controller?


Is there a way to rate ATC on the playground server? Some do a really good job and I think they should be recognized in some way.

It would also be a pretty cool feature to allow ATC to rate pilots as well.



No. There was an ATC rating system in the very early days but it was stopped because pilots kept rating people for delays at busy airports (like an ATC can control the plane volume) and enforcing the rules.


Pilots could rate the ATCs until update to version 15.04.1
It would be great to have it back, I still stuck with 3.0*, but now I’m much better!


I don’t know what I’m on. I’ve always thought to be ATC in advanced server then you have to be a certain amount of XP. I would like this back if possible!


Oh… @HOV is right, some ATC Controllers are REALLY serious and polite.
It would really be awesome if we could rate again the controllers,

Captain M :airplane:


It might be an idea to introduce an Pilot-ATC / ATC-Pilot rating system for the advanced server only.

To me that would be motivating. At first you acquire skill and proficiency on the playground server. Then there is the option to get feedback from the serious players on the advanced server.


Like Ghosting which is arbitrary, adding a subjective rating system in gonna be just another unnecessary irritant to the Live “paying customer”.
Judge not lest you be judged! Plus it would eventually be a revenue inhibitor once the word got out via App Stores Reviews. Bad JuJu, there’s gotta be a better way. Max Sends


During the early days I was ATC on the playground server a lot and acquired a rating of *4.0. I still ATC on the playground server and I still have the rating. Even though I can’t cant ATC on the advanced.


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YESS! That would be great!



I see. But still… I personally would like to be rated or rate a specific performance myself.

It might be good to give users a choice whether or not they want to be rated.


(@cordes) Choice is good. Peer Review is fine. I had a scathing one the other day via PM which critiqued my poor performence when I was lollygaging on the Advance on Unicom. The doer is an aviation high school student in Itally. He crucified me in a gentle way pictures and all. Lesson learned! Do it right every time or don’t do it. I’m watching my back from now on when flying the Advance, lol. As for a general critique/rating on the forum it will lead to bitter exchanges. I’ve been involved in a few so I’m not a cherry. I’m trying to mellow out, but I just throw a curve from the gut when some “Peanut” posts on the edge. Can you imagine my reaction if I get a downer in public, Kassey bar the door! Thank you for your honest assessment. Max Sends



I apologize in advance if this has been answered, but do you have an atc rating in playground? Or are you unable to rate/be rated till you’re on advanced?