Clearer IFATC schedules


Is it possible to have IFATC make clearer schedules for when (and how long) they control specific airports? It could work out even on this forum.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve set up a flight to head for a specific ATC controlled airport only for ATC to close right when I start my descent. Everyone is switched to unicom and often times pandemonium ensues.

At least with such an IFATC schedule I can know when they will open and close in specific locations, so I can plan my flights accordingly.

We as IFATC control in our free time. We do this as a service to the pilots of Infinite flight and are not bound to any time specific schedule.


I dont think this is a good idea because the controllers have a life. Thay cant scheduled there ATC. Plus things in life change and thay may have to leave early sometimes. As for the fact thay leave when you start deciding. That’s just bad luck. Happens to everyone ;)


IFATC are normal users like everyone else, so they are free to open and close within reason. There are minimum time limited, for example an hour for class B airports, that they must adhere to to be in IFATC.